Essential Oils 101: Introduction to Essential Oils

You may have seen our flier in the office, but if not have a gander. Dr. Cooper and his wife Alex have been curious about essential oils for a while now.  We had a great opportunity to host a class to learn [...]

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14 Things to do this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day soon approaching us, we thought it would be fun to post about something a little ideas? Say what? That's right folks! Whether you love or hate this lovey-dovey holiday, you might as well have some have some fun; [...]

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Diet Advice For A Healthy 2015

There is no better time to start on a healthy new YOU than now!  I know many people make New Year resolutions, myself included.  I hope this post will guide you in your new goal. In my practice I urge my patients [...]

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Over the last 20 years, hundreds of studies have been done on the problem of whiplash.  Most of these studies focus on the neck pain that shows up a few days to a couple of weeks after a car accident. Understanding Whiplash [...]

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Google Places Walk Through

We are breaking new ground here people!  I mean, we aren't landing a speeding rocket on a flying asteroid, but we are ahead of the game. Google Places Walk Through You may have seen Google Street View.  When searching for an address [...]

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October 2014 Massage Winner

Wow! October is already over.  That month just flew by.  As you probably were already aware, we did a #skeletonselfie promotion in our office.  You can read about it here!  Today we did the drawing for the winner of the massage.   [...]

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Why Choose Chiropractic

There are many reasons to choose chiropractic and conservative therapy.  But, if you are new to the idea, you may be asking yourself, Why choose chiropractic? Oregon Chiropractic Health and Wellness Month Governor John Kitzhaber declared October 2014 the Oregon Chiropractic Health [...]

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Skeleton Selfie Oct 14

It's officially October!  It's time to open those closets and bring out your old skeletons.  Just the decorations though.  Leave those metaphoric ones alone. Skeleton Selfie October 2014 Promotion We are doing a fun promotion at Cascade Chiropractic & Wellness for the [...]

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Dead Bug

Dead bug is an excellent exercise for core stabilization.  It will strengthen key core components especially the abdominal muscles. These exercises should be performed in neutral pelvis and with abdominal bracing. The steps gradually become more difficult. You must maintain proper form [...]

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