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Our goal is your goal!  We want you to feel better, move better, and live better.  Cascade Chiropractic & Wellness has the friendliest Portland chiropractors.  We specialize in auto injuries, upper cervical chiropractic care, full body chiropractic, and muscle injuries.  

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Brunch Box – Chiro Mukbang Episode 1

Portland Restaurant: Brunch Box Topic: Becoming a chiropractor For our first ever Chiro Mukbang, we decided to eat at Brunch Box.  They opened a 2nd location around the corner from our office.  They serve [...]

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6 AM Appointment

Dr. Johnson has been an early riser for the majority of his life. He worked on farms, in construction, and geological fieldwork in his younger years. Now getting the day started early is [...]

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What Causes A Headache?

According to the World Health Organization the amount of adults suffering from a headache disorder at least once a year is about 50% ( Many times people wonder what causes their specific headache. With [...]

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Plank Progression

The plank exercise is a great exercise to build core strength. By performing this exercise it can help the body be much stronger in many motions. The exercise is very safe for people [...]

Thoracic Mobilization

Thoracic mobilization. The thoracic spine is the upper part of the back where the ribs attach to the spine.  The upper back region is difficult to get moving when it is tight. As [...]