What is an industrial athlete?

An industrial athlete is someone who pushes their physical limits at work. I believe there are many people in the work force who are elite. These industrial athletes push themselves in many ways to perform at their best. I like to compare these individuals to professional athletes. They strive for excellence in every task they do.

Industrial athlete Portland chiropractic

I have had the pleasure of working with many industrial athletes as a chiropractor. One of my favorites is Paul, the owner of Trim Flex Vinyl (find it on facebook). He works hard. His job demands a lot of pulling and reaching. He even has to get on the ground at times. At some jobs he works on schools buses and has to climb all around the bench seats there. He may have to do a repair from weird position.  This hard work over many years has taken a toll on his body.

His dedication to his work has him working long hours. He can be sore after a day’s work. Then, he wakes up and is back at it the following day. He has to travel to work sites, sometimes as far as Idaho or Utah. He is certainly an industrial athlete.

What can be done to help industrial athletes?

As a chiropractor at Cascade Chiropractic and Wellness, I am able to help industrial athletes. We offer chiropractic adjustments to decrease pain. The adjustment also increases the range of motion of the joint and can stimulate the nervous system. Soft tissue and muscle work helps tight muscles to relax. Rehab exercise helps to strengthen weak areas and promote stability. Work space assessment can improve work posture. Coaching on movements can help to improve function.

industrial athlete portland

Industrial athlete portland

It is important leave a lasting effect for patients. In the case of industrial athletes, they work very hard. So, avoiding pain and injuries is a key goal during treatment. At some point all workers feel a point that they need help making it to the next level. They may have an injury and need help recovering. That is the moment when finding a chiropractor who specializes in work performance or sports medicine is most valuable.

Industrial Athletes are an important part of society. I hope all of my patients can perform at their maximum function. My desire is to help people like Paul who are striving to perform at their best and do their best work daily.

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