Bridge exercise is excellent for posterior core stabilization.  It will strengthen the gluteal muscles and posterior chain of your core.

Bridge exercise will work the buttocks well if performed correctly. The steps gradually become more difficult. You must maintain proper form while performing the exercises. If a certain step is too difficult to perform with proper form, back up to the previous step to maintain good form.

Video: Bridge Exercise

Step 1: Traditional Bridge Exercise

Lie on back, knees bent, contract buttocks, raise pelvis off floor till level with shoulders and knees.

Bridge Exercise chiropractor rehab in portland oregon

Step 2: Marching Bridge

Alternate heel lifts while holding bridge.

Marching bridge exercise portland chiropractic and massage

Step 3: One Leg Bridge Exercise

Lift one leg out straight to make a line from your shoulder to ankle.  For added difficulty, add pelvic dips.  Get ready for that butt burn!

One leg bridge exercise for glut stability

Key Points to Remember!

  • Hold for 60-120 seconds
  • Squeeze the buttocks, abdominal bracing
  • Don’t forget to BREATHE
  • Relax everything else
  • Do the exercise slowly

stop sign

STOP if you start to shake, lose form, or your back pain is aggravated.  (A muscle burn is okay)

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