About Dr. Chris Cooper

I am a chiropractor who specializes in headaches and vertigo. I’ve had so many people come into my office with chronic headaches that won’t go away. They’ve tried the pills, they’ve tried the nerve blocks, they’ve tried massage. Some even have tried other chiropractors. Many of my patients tell me the headache and dizziness are gone after one treatment. My goal is to help everyone feel their best.

FAQ: Is it safe to crack your neck?

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Is it safe to crack your neck? Do you feel the need to crack your neck all the time?  If so, you probably suffer from some mechanical joint dysfunction.  Your spine is full of synovial joints.  These are the same type of [...]

10 Things People Don’t Know About Chiropractic

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1. Chiropractors know about more than just your backbone! It surprises many people who had no idea that chiropractors treat more than just the spine.  We treat almost all musculoskeletal conditions.  We treat shoulder, knees, wrists, and feet in addition to every [...]

21 Day Cleanse – Final Results

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21 Day Cleanse final results It's official!  Our 21 day cleanse is over... well, almost.  Now that the 21 days are done, we begin to add back some of the foods we have been avoiding.  When we did the cleanse 18 months [...]

21 Day Cleanse – Part 2

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21 Day Cleanse part 2/4 We have officially completed the first week of our 3 week cleanse.  This morning I weighed 191.2. I have lost 3.2 pounds so far.  My energy levels have been a little higher, especially in the mornings.  I [...]

21 Day Cleanse – Part 1

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21 Day Cleanse part 1/4 Today is the day.  Alex and I are starting the 21 day cleanse NOW.  I will be doing a a weekly update with weight and miscellaneous facts.  This morning I weighed 194.4.  The past week I have been feeling tired and [...]

Sports chiropractor

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Sports Chiropractor 33% of NFL teams had a chiropractor on their medical staff. The other 77% referred out for private chiropractic care. We've all been there.  Cheering for our favorite team in a crowded stadium or at home with friends [...]

Cuboid syndrome: FAQ

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Subluxated Cuboid Syndrome Functional Anatomy The cuboid bone in the foot is highlighted in red. The cuboid bone is located in your foot near the lateral aspect (little toe side) about halfway between your toes and your heel. Some causes [...]

Portland Chiropractor Open Saturday

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Portland Chiropractor Open Saturday We know just how busy your week can get.  That's why we expanded our hours to be open Monday - Saturday. You deserve to have a pain free, healthy, and relaxing weekend.  Cascade Chiropractic and Wellness is now [...]