The Big Move

It’s no secret.  Well, at least not officially anymore.  I’m sure if you’ve been in our office recently you have heard all about the big move to our new Belmont office.

When Dr. Cooper joined Dr. Allen in practice, an exit strategy was already being hatched.  Dr. Allen has been halfway retired to Troutlake, Washington for about 5 years.  This summer (2014) Dr. Allen will make the exciting leap into “retirement”!  I say “retirement” with quote marks because he will still practice full time in Troutlake.

Pics: Belmont Office

Dr. Cooper has been setting up a new location in preparation for the big move.  In December, he met Dr. Kelly Blodgett of Blodgett Dental Care at a seminar.  Dr. Blodgett mentioned he had space available.  After seeing the space and much contemplating, Dr. Cooper decided to move forward with a build out.

Here are some photos of the before and early build out process.

New 522 SE Belmont Office planning

Dr. Cooper posing during a planning session.

New 522 SE Belmont Office planning

Some ideas presented by Fig Studio.

New 522 SE Belmont Office planning

Lots of idea to think about!

New 522 SE Belmont Office planning

Cutting into concrete to put pipes for sink and bathroom.

New 522 SE Belmont Office planning

Oh, the potential!

Cascade chiropractic build out 3-001

Starting to prep for framing.


The new office is set to be up and running by the end of June 2014.  Fingers crossed!


522 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR

Southwest corner of Belmont and Grand.  Right next door to Blodgett Dental Care.

There is reserved parking available for patients of Cascade Chiropractic in the adjacent parking lot.

Future of Cascade Chiropractic

Dr. Cooper will provide the same level of excellent care.  This new location will be new, beautiful, and fun.  Please stay tuned via the blog or our Facebook page for updates on the big move!