I hope everyone is staying healthy mentally and physically during this weird and crazy time.

Yes, we are the chiropractor still open in Portland and accepting new patients.

While non-essential businesses have been ordered by our Governor to shut down, I do want you to know that chiropractic offices have been classified as an “essential service provider”. Yes, we are open and happy to be serving our patients and our community.  We are closely monitoring Federeal Guidelines, CDC recommendations, and the Oregon Board of Chiropractors for guidance.

We are implementing the following procedures in our office to help combat the spread of COVID-19:

  • We sanitize our tables and equipment after each patient visit.  The doctors are also washing hands in between each visit.
  • Only the patient receiving treatment is allowed into the office and reception.  If you have a driver, please let them wait in the car.
  • If you are having any flu like symptoms, please STAY HOME.  Any patient presenting with corona virus like symptoms will be asked to go home.
  • Our doctors and staff will be monitoring our health and temperature.

Why are we still open?

Our emergency healthcare workers in many cities are overwhelmed.  The number 2 and 3 reasons people make a doctor visit is for back pain and joint pain.  Chiropractors have a vital role in the healthcare system.  Our important role has intensified as our healthcare system is pushed to the limit.  We take pressure off of emergency rooms and urgent care clinics.  Let us fix your pain!  Let the emergency room save lives.  Let us be the chiropractor still open in Portland.

We care about our patients.  We care about our community.

I know we will come out on top through all this.  Please do your part.  We will continue to do ours.