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Dr. Johnson has been an early riser for the majority of his life. He worked on farms, in construction, and geological fieldwork in his younger years. Now getting the day started early is routine. There is a great value added to getting your chiropractic visit done early. First, you start the day feeling great. Second, there is no need to break up your regular schedule through the day. Lastly, you get to skip some nasty Portland Oregon traffic. Try a 6 am appointment and see if it works well for you.

“I was always grateful to my chiropractor for having expanded availability. Early morning chiropractic visits kept my body tuned up so I could work and play hard. Now I can give back by offering early visits too.” – Dr. Johnson

Having a passion for the work you do is exciting. Dr. Johnson absolutely loves being a chiropractor. Some of the most rewarding work as a chiropractor is to help people achieve their goals. Often the most driven people fill up their day. They have appointments, perform service, or are sticking to the daily grind to get the most done. Early morning chiropractic visits are for these people. Go-getters, doers, achievers. If this is you, come in for an early chiropractic visit. We will get right to work because we are like you.

Working Together

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Dr. Coopper (Left) and Dr. Johnson (right) both want to help as many people as they can. Working together they can achieve this goal. Early chiropractic appointments and late chiropractic appointments are available. This makes our office one of the most patient accessible clinics in Portland.