21 Day Cleanse part 3/4

2 weeks down, 1 more week to go!  It’s a good feeling to be almost done, and a better feeling to be eating so well.  My energy levels have stayed elevated and my weight has continued to drop.  I lost 3 more pounds in the last week, which is a healthy rate of loss.  I have been feeling like my mood has been better too.  I am usually a stress case.  I seem to worry about patient’s health, business success, and family life.  For some reason, this week I didn’t let it bother me like usual.  I wonder if the diet has effected my mood.  I know I am thinking clearer.  Maybe less stress is a direct side effect of a less foggy mind.

21 day cleanse portland chiropractor for healthy eating

My garbage can dinner one night while on the cleanse

Positive Cleanse side effects

After week 2:

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Positive effect on mood
  • Clearer thinking
Negative Cleanse Side Effects

Desire to eat out at a restaurant.  We have to find a restaurant that is willing to serve a meal that meets our cleanse standards.  Whole foods, nothing processed, and avoiding grains, dairy, etc.  There are ones that have specialty Paleo diet dishes.  Those are a nice life saver for the busy cleanser who is tired of cooking.

Recipe ideas

“What can I eat on this cleanse?!”  This may be one of the biggest mental hurdles to get over.  You’ll find that eating whole food is not difficult.  But just in case you still have doubts, here are 7 recipes to help you along the way.

Berry Citrus Splash Shake
Chicken with asparagus, sweet potato, and salad
Zucchini pasta with marinara sauce
Indian Dal with Slaw and asparagus
Sweet potato chips
Mango banana shake

Purpose of this post

My hopes for this post are twofold. (1) To inspire other people to eat whole food and live a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle  (2) To give patients, or other people, who are doing the cleanse some ideas for recipes, a place for motivation, and some personal stories about my experience on the cleanse.

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If you are interested in the Standard Process 21 day cleanse, then please ask your natural health care professional about it.  Dr. Chris Cooper is a Portland chiropractor who helps patients with their nutritional goals.  (503) 257-1324