21 Day Cleanse part 1/4

Today is the day.  Alex and I are starting the 21 day cleanse NOW.  I will be doing a a weekly update with weight and miscellaneous facts.  This morning I weighed 194.4.  The past week I have been feeling tired and groggy in the mornings and dead tired in the evenings.  We’ll see how much this changes.  I would rate my energy level with 0 being no energy and 10 being the maximum energy as a 4/10.  We’ll see if that changes too.

21 day cleanse for weight lossThe Diet

So many of you might be curious what the diet actually is.  This isn’t so much a weight loss diet even though losing weight is a happy by product.  This 21 day cleanse is for cleansing the body (liver, kidneys, GI tract, etc) from built up toxins and unwanted “stuff” that has been collecting from eating and drinking whatever you felt like.  The company is Standard Process.  They make supplements from whole food. This purification program is not really a cleanse diet.  You may have seen cleanse diets where you drink nothing but juice or water or something weird.  This is not the same.  This is a structured program that focuses on whole food eating combined with supplements, shakes, and exercise to promote detox.

I have done this cleanse about 18 months ago and I felt great.  I felt clearer in the mind and cleaner in the body.  I also lost 20 pounds as a happy side effect of the healthy eating.

First 7 days

2-3 shakes per day (with 2 scoops each of the cleanse powder)
7 of the cleanse pills 3X a day
Scoop of whole food fiber in each shake
Then we get to eat whatever we want as long as it’s on a list of good foods.  These include ALL veggies, lean meat/protein (chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef).  We stay away from ANYTHING processed at all.  So breads and cereal are out.  During the cleanse we stay away from dairy and nuts too.

Purpose of this post

My hopes for this post are twofold. (1) To inspire other people to eat whole food and live a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle  (2) To give patients, or other people, who are doing the cleanse some ideas for recipes, a place for motivation, and some personal stories about my experience on the cleanse.

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