21 Day Cleanse part 2/4

We have officially completed the first week of our 3 week cleanse.  This morning I weighed 191.2. I have lost 3.2 pounds so far.  My energy levels have been a little higher, especially in the mornings.  I would rate my energy level as a 6/10.  This week was a little crazy due to a Portland snow storm.  It has been hard to keep my walking routine up.  So my activity level hasn’t been up to par for a good cleanse.

21 day cleanse shakePositive Cleanse side effects

After week 1:

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Feeling lighter after a meal
  • Clearer thinking
Negative Cleanse Side Effects

On days 2-4, my wife and I both experienced a mild, dull headache.  Mine lasted a few hours in the evenings.  Alex’s lasted most all day.  The headaches have now passed and haven’t returned.

We have both had some food cravings.  Alex craves chocolates and desserts.  I crave bread, bread, and more bread.  On Friday night I had a dream where I ate an entire pizza by myself.

Recipe ideas

“What can I eat on this cleanse?!”  This may be one of the biggest mental hurdles to get over.  You’ll find that eating whole food is not difficult.  But just in case you still have doubts, here are 7 recipes to help you along the way.

Berry Citrus Splash Shake
Chicken with asparagus, sweet potato, and salad
Zucchini pasta with marinara sauce
Indian Dal with Slaw and asparagus
Sweet potato chips
Mango banana shake

Purpose of this post

My hopes for this post are twofold. (1) To inspire other people to eat whole food and live a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle  (2) To give patients, or other people, who are doing the cleanse some ideas for recipes, a place for motivation, and some personal stories about my experience on the cleanse.

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If you are interested in the Standard Process 21 day cleanse, then please ask your natural health care professional about it.  Dr. Chris Cooper is a Portland chiropractor who helps patients with their nutritional goals.  (503) 257-1324