With Valentine’s Day soon approaching us, we thought it would be fun to post about something a little different…date ideas? Say what? That’s right folks! Whether you love or hate this lovey-dovey holiday, you might as well have some have some fun; with a significant other, group of friends, family, or your ridiculously cute corgi, there is plenty of love to go around!

1. Go on a picnic.

When was the last time you can honestly say you went on one, huh? Don’t let the weather get you down , have it indoors! Get your favorite eats and sips and have fun noshing in a non-traditional way. This may or may not be what Dr. Cooper and I are doing this holiday! 😉

2. Take a hike or go on an over-night campout.

Now, now people, we live in a beautiful state, so get thyself out there and experience it! What could be better: fabulous company, beautiful sights, and taking advantage of one’s outdoors? Nothin’ I tell ya!

hike pic

3. Schedule a massage.

Out of all the things on this list, this is one I can help you out on. Most everyone, guys and gals included, enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage. All month long here in the office, you can pick up a massage gift certificate for someone you love. They can redeem it anytime they want with our amazing massage therapists, Brie and Lee (yes their names rhyme, and yes I love it)! We will even include some delicious chocolate with the certificate, you can make the choice to eat it or gift it. Just call the office for more details!

4. Have a cozy dinner in.

If you hate eating with a bunch of other people on dates, or don’t want to conform eating at an actual restaurant this love’s day, why not cook it yourselves? You may like to cook with your special someone, and it can be fun! Plan the menu together, get the ingredients, blast your favorite tunes, cook and enjoy a breakfast, lunch, dinner, together. What you decide to do afterwards is totally up to you, (wink)!

5. Make him/her favorite dessert.

They say the way to a man’s/women’s heart is through their stomach, so why not show your love and that you remember what their most adored dessert is!? If you are not a baker you can even cheat a little and purchase it. As long as you devour it together, it’s a sweet gesture!

6. Play with animals at a shelter.

Share your love with a cute animal! Go visit a local shelter and volunteer to play with all the adorable dogs and cats. Not only will this make their day, but it’s fun to see your loved one make kissey faces and weird high pitched voices! A definite win-win!

7. Have a Netflix marathon.

Instead of going out to the movies, why not pick a new series, or movie and have a binge spree. There is nothing better then watching back to back shows with absolutely zero commercials. Oh yeah!

netflix pic 2
8. Game night.

Let your competitive side show and have fun together playing your favorite board games. Would be a fun family, or friend activity as well.

9. Explore your city.

Get out and about in your city. Pick an area you are not familiar with and scout out the shops and restaurants. This is fun because you can discover something new together. Who knows, you may find a new favorite to add to your list!

10. Make a personalized coupon book.

If you want to make a creative and free gift, design a coupon book for your boo. Don’t like “insert any genre here” movies that she/he does? Make her/his day by giving them a coupon to cash in on any movie they want to see with you. Does he/she just love a good back scratch? Let them cash in for a supreme scratch-a-roo with a coupon. You get the idea…the coupons can be practical, romantic, silly, or a little bit of everything.

11. Start a new tradition.

So you don’t like the whole commercialism aspect of V-day? Well you can start your own tradition. Eat cereal for dinner? Watch scary horror films? Make your own Valentine cards? The choices are endless!

12. Ice skating.

Even if you’re no Michelle Kwan, it is pretty fun to pretend you are. Plus you can hold hands with your skating partner, and give them a squeeze if your about to fall. (Here’s Dr. Cooper and I skating at the Lloyd Center)!

skating pic
13. Scavenger hunt.

This a fun way to make your loved one work towards receiving their gift/gifts for Valentines. You can go all out with one gift or get a bunch of small gifts. The amount of clues is up to you, and is fun for both parties involved!

14. Write a love note.

Saving what some may think the “cheesiest” gift for last. This a sure fire way to let whoever your Valentine is how much you love, care, and appreciate them. Not just this holiday but all year round! Sometimes it really is the simple things that can matter the most.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, we wish you a happy one!

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