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What is a chiropractic treatment plan?

A chiropractic treatment plan is simply a recovery plan. It is a plan made of the time it will take to complete, the therapy the doctor will use, and the patient goals. Chiropractors have special skills and training to help with many injuries. The doctor will ask how the injury happened and find out about the patient’s health history. Next, the doctor performs tests. This may include x-rays, range of motion, orthopedic tests, and other assessments. Once the doctor knows what the injury is and how it got hurt, then they can calculate how to fix it. Other things that influence the treatment plan are if the injury is new. Old injuries or flare-ups may need more attention. Further testing helps determine the best plan. It is important to have a chiropractic treatment plan. It tracks progress, calculates the cost, and lets the patient know what to expect.

What if I don’t follow the chiropractic treatment plan?

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There are many reasons someone may not follow their treatment plan. Most common is that people are busy. As they start to feel better they rank their care as less important. Other things fill their time and they don’t get better like they expected or planned too. This causes lots of problems. Recovery will take longer. It often makes it so there are more visits to reach recovery. This will most often increase the price. The treatment plans will need to be reevaluated. People get better at different rates. This means that some cases take longer than expected. Others will get better faster than expected.
In our office, we see great success and improvements when we follow the treatment plan. We make changes when appropriate. Patients understand and literally feel why we change the plan. Certain conditions have therapy guidelines to follow. Research has shown low back pain improves 80% when treated three times per week for one month. Low back pain can sometimes resolve with this chiropractic treatment plan. Treatment for low back pain at twice per week for one month is not nearly as successful. So, sticking to the treatment plan is very valuable.

How do you get the most out of chiropractic care?

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Getting the most out of your chiropractic care is important and adds value. Communication with the doctor will make goals clear and set expectation. Setting reasonable and achievable goals will set the treatment plan up for success. Sorting out if the outcome is pain relief or to improve function will help the doctor plan for each case. Some patients have more than one concern. The doctor creates a plan to treat both problems. Many patients are new to our clinic but liked past experiences with chiropractors. Letting the doctor know about therapies you did or did not like will help. The doctor can create a chiropractic treatment plan to include therapy that you are comfortable with. One last goal is if you want to get maintenance care. This is when a person gets care while they are feeling well. It helps them to feel and function at their very best. It can help them avoid having injuries or pain in the future too.

At Cascade Chiropractic and Wellness

Our office spends time into making sure the chiropractic treatment plan is appropriate for each patient. We value successful outcomes. Communication, detailed examination, and setting achievable goals help us to create a plan that works. Our doctors keep up with research and diagnostic evaluations to provide the best care to match patient goals.