There are many ways to adjust the Atlas/Axis or Upper Cervical region. It can be hard to choose which method is right for you. Ultimately you want your doctor to be well trained. The doctor must have experience in both the upper cervical assessment and the upper cervical adjustment. What are the most common options people choose from?

Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment

What makes each technique different?

The assessment of the majority of upper cervical techniques involves detailed evaluation. The one technique that lacks some details is the diversified adjustment technique. Diversified adjustment does not require x-ray evaluation to deliver the adjustment. It allows for palpation assessment only.
A factor between techniques is hand-delivered vs. machine delivered adjustment. NUCCA, Diversified, and Blair all deliver upper cervical adjustment by hand. This can be beneficial or detrimental.  They are dependant on the doctor’s skill and dedication to technique guidelines. Atlas orthogonal, Advanced Orthogonal, and Grostic Orthopinology use special adjusting instruments.
Another factor is training. Each technique requires specific training. The diversified technique falls short here again. Only basic chiropractic school training is needed to perform this adjustment technique. Atlas Orthogonal, Advanced Orthogonal, Blair Technique, Grostic Orthospinology, and NUCCA have special training. These techniques focus specifically on the upper cervical region.
One last factor is FDA clearance. The Atlas Orthogonal adjustment instrument is the only one to have full FDA clearance as a medical treatment device. Many adjustments tools have undergone extensive research. Atlas Orthogonal has gone through all the rigorous tests to satisfy the FDA medical equipment safety standards

What upper cervical technique do we use?

Cascade Chiropractic and Wellness doctors are board-certified in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. Our personal research and option has chosen Atlas Orthogonal as the best. Atlas Orthogonal is safe and effective for upper cervical adjustment. The board certification process requires extensive training beyond chiropractic school. Our doctors want the very best for patients. They have put in the extra effort to perform the very best upper cervical adjustment for each patient.