Portland Restaurant: Taqueria Portland

Topic: Good, bad, and ugly chiropractic stories

I love tacos.  Always have, always will.  This place is my favorite in Portland so far.  I have tried so many places and I always come running back to the best tacos in Portland.

Dr. Johnson’s grade: “The deep achy spot in your low back that just sets perfect”

Dr. Cooper’s grade: “One of those euphoric adjustments, where you get a tingle all the way down your spine, and you’re just like…. ahhhhhhh”

Today’s Topic

We told a few stories from living the chiropractic life.  Dr. Johnson started with his most embarrassing moment.  Dr. Cooper told the story of his first adjustment.  We talked about some success stories that make us feel all happy inside too!  All while chowing down on the best tacos in Portland.